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Curated for the Wonder of Learning Literature Collection

Unit 7 Toddler 12-24 months with LLL (bundle)

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  • What do my five senses tell me about outside?
    • You Are My Sunshine by Jimmie Davis – LLL
    • Grow with STEAM - My Senses
    • Lets Go Outside by Amy Pixton
  • Where do we see patterns in nature?
    • The Rabbit Listened by Cori Doerrfeld  – LLL
    • Let's Go Outside by Ben Lerwill
    • Bloom Boom! by April Pulley Sayre
  • How can we find patterns in our environment?
    • The Feelings Book by Todd Parr  – LLL
    • The Weather by Gladys Rosa-Mendoza
    • Swirl By Swirl - Patterns in Nature by Joyce Sidman
  • How does water change over time?
    • Calm-Down Time by Elizabeth Verdick  – LLL
    • Out of the Ocean by Debra Frasier
    • Little Raindrop by Igloo Books
  • How does weather affect where we live?
    • I Like It When by Mary Murphy  – LLL
    • Babies Love Nature By Suzanne Konig
    • Little Cloud by Eric Carle