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Families will appreciate how Wonder of Learning’s (WOL) literacy-based series supports the development of language, STEAM, and social-emotional skills. Teachers will love the engaging stories that are the catalyst for learning and fun.

Review the FAQ page before ordering to help you make the best purchasing decision for your school. All Life Lesson Library (LLL) books are included in the Wonder of Learning collection. If you have the LLL book collection already, you can order the Wonder of Learning collection without these titles.

It is recommended that you inventory your school’s books annually for missing titles, damaged books, and newly available books to keep the WOL library updated with the latest selections to complement your curriculum.

  • Childs Play

    Child's Play books fully reflect our diverse society in terms of heritage, disability, gender, and family. Loved by parents, teachers, and, most importantly, children.

  • Gardner Learning and Play

    The Garden Learning and Play brings a learning product to market that engages the child and the parent, helping each to discover how the child best learns.