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Curated for the Wonder of Learning Literature Collection

Unit 5 Toddler 12-24 months without LLL (bundle)

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  • What do I know about my community?
    • My Community by Gardner Publishing
    • My Community Helpers by Steve Metzger
  • What roles do people play in my community?
    • My Neighborhood by Maddie Frost
    • Good People Everywhere by Lynea Gillen
  • What resources/tools are needed to get the job done?
    • Hands Can by Cheryl Willis Hudson
    • I Can Do It Too by Karen Baicker
  • How do people work together?
    • Helping Hands: Clean It! By Child's Play
    • Should I Share My Ice Cream? by Mo Willems
  • How can I help in my community?
    • Helping Hands: Recycling! By Child's Play
    • Llama Llama Mess, Mess, Mess by Anna Dewdney