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Curated for the Wonder of Learning Literature Collection

Unit 5 Bridge 30-42 months with LLL (bundle)

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  • What do I know about my community?
    • All Are Welcome by Alexandra Penfold – LLL
    • Are You A Helper? By Tad Carpenter
    • What Do You See? Around Town by The Garden Learning  
  • What roles do people play in my community?
    • The Spiffiest Giant in Town by Julia Donaldson  – LLL
    • Clive is a Librarian by Jessica Spanyol
    • At the Doctor by Molly Fields
  • What resources/tools are needed to get the job done?
    • Llama Llama Misses Mama by Anna Dewdney  – LLL
    • Whose Tools Are These?: A Look at Tools Workers Use by Sharon Katz Cooper
    • Delivering Your Mail by Anne Owen
  • How do people work together?
    • How Do Dinosaurs Play with Their Friends? by Jane Yolen  – LLL
    • All Are Neighbors by Alexandra Penfold
    • We Are Together by Britta Teckentrupp
  • How can I help in my community?
    • My Friend is Sad by Mo Willems  – LLL
    • Recycling is Fun by Charles Ghigna
    • Won’t You Be My Neighbor? A Mister Rogers Poetry Book by Fred Rogers