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Curated for the Wonder of Learning Literature Collection

Unit 2 Preschool 3-4 years without LLL (bundle)

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  • What is a family?
    • Family and Friends by Gardner Publishing
    • Ohana Means Family by Ilima Loomis
  • What is a home?
    • A Place Called Home: Look Inside Houses Around the World (Lonely Planet Kids) by Lonely Planet Kids and Kate Baker
    • Home is... by Hannah Barnaby
  • How do families celebrate?
    • Family Celebrations (What Makes a Family) by Martha E. H. Rustad
    • T. Rexes Can’t Tie Their Shoes by Anna Lazowki
  • What makes a good friend?
    • Let's Play! A Book About Making Friends by Amanda McCardie
    • We Don’t Eat Our Classmates by Ryan T. Higgins
  • What is a community?
    • We’re Better Together: A Book About Community by Eileen Spinelli
    • Hey Wall: A Story of Art and Community by Susan Verde