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Curated for the Wonder of Learning Literature Collection

Unit 12 Preschool 3-4 years without LLL (bundle)

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  • What is in outer space?
    • Women in Science and Technology: Mae C. Jemison-The First African American Female Astronaut by Meeg Pincus
    • The Planet We Call Home by Aimee Isaac
  • What can the sun do?
    • Light: Shadows, Mirrors, and Rainbows by Natalie Myra Rosinsky
    • Sun Bread by Elise Klevin
  • Are all planets the same?
    • Nature Baby: Solar System by Adventure Publications
    • Are You My Planet? by Lori Haskins Houran
  • How big is big?
    • Big and Little by Dona Herweck Rice
    • I Love You As Big As the World by David Van Buren